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      1. About us

        At QoolTango, we dream. We dream of bringing home décor to life in China, and instilling in each home an individual character that reflects the soul and attitude of its resident. We believe in helping our clients to imagine and realize their idea of a refined and tasteful lifestyle through our crafted and artisanal furniture and home accessories. Here, our aim is to elevate your living space, and to share with you our way of living. Welcome on board with us.

        Drawing inspiration from the artistic crafts we discovered on our journeys across the continents, we distilled the gems we have discovered into two homeware lines - QoolTango and Contemporary QoolTango – to cater to the diverse palette of varying geographic regions of China. Through these two lines, we combine the essence of every region from every significant era and present to you the harmonious reinvention of QoolTango.

        The QoolTango stores are designed to be an experience of its own. Via playful contrasts -- the antique versus modern classics, the monotone theme against vibrant matching colors, the polished glassware mounted on a piece of aged, reclaimed wood -- QoolTango stimulates the senses and invokes our clients’ wild imagination. We are fascinated by the limitless possibilities of mixing and matching, and are firm believers that wonderful innovations originate from daring experimentations.

        Contemporary QoolTango on the other hand offers a clean and chic look for those who admire the simple, modern lifestyle. Our designers are capable of merging elements spanning from the 20s to the most current with such masterful craftsmanship and insight that timeless classics once again breathes as exciting trendsetters of the day.。

        Each of our products promises to be uniquely designed by our team of top-notch designers, and each collection blends together elements of the season’s global trends. In addition to homeware products, we also provide interior design consulting services for residential, hotel and office spaces upon enquiry.

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